LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, bulk, non-sterile

All LLG-Pipette tips ULTRALOW feature an extremely low liquid retention compared to standard tips due to their hydrophobic inner side. This enables accurate, more complete and more precise dispensing of fluids, even of viscous ones.
LLG-Pipette tips ULTRALOW is compatible with all major pipette brands such as LLG-proMLP, Gilson, Eppendorf, Brand, Sartorius, Socorex and others.
  • With easy visible volume graduations
  • Universal fit tips, compatible with common pipette brands
6.291 866
6.291 866
Capacity μlPKCat. No.
109606.291 866
2009606.291 867
12509606.291 868
*for manual pipettors
**for electronic pipettors

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LLG-Pipette Tips <I>ULTRALOW</I>, bulk, non-sterile
LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, bulk, non-sterile