Thermo shaker LLG-uniTHERMIX 1 pro and 2 pro

The LLG-uniTHERMIX pro is ideal for shaking and temperature control of a variety of tubes or plates (depending on the block used). With its high temperarture uniformity, fast heating rate and excellent mixing results the LLG-uniTHERMIX pro is perfect for the incubation of samples of any kind, in particular for Life Science applications, e.g. Enzyme reactions, transformations, denaturation of DNA and RNA. The heating blocks are magnetically attached to the LLG-uniTHERMIX pro and do not have to be screwed down.
  • Easy and quick change of heating blocks due to magnetic fastening
  • Precise temperature control system
  • Temperatures up to 100 °C
  • Temperature accuracy of ± 0.5 °C (20 to 45 °C)
  • Efficient mixing up to 1500 rpm (depending on the heating block)
  • Up to 9 storable programs
  • Many block options available (see below)
  • Automatic block recognition

LLG-uniTHERMIX 1 pro: with shaking and heating function, Temperature range: RT + 5 °C to approx. + 100 °C
LLG-uniTHERMIX 2 pro: with shaking, cooling and heating function, Temperature range: 15 °C below RT to approx. +100 °C

Blocks must be ordered separately.
Temperature range
LLG-uniTHERMIX 1 pro:
LLG-uniTHERMIX 2 pro:
RT + 5 °C to approx. + 100 °C
15 °C below RT to approx. + 100 °C
Temperature control:± 0.5 °C (at 20 to 45 °C)
Uniformity:Max. ± 0.5 °C (at 20 to 45 °C)
Max. heating rate:5.5 °C/min
Max. cooling rate (LLG-uniTHERMIX 2 pro only):5 °C/min (100 °C to RT)
0.5 °C/min (below RT)
Speed range:300 to 1500 rpm
Orbit:3 mm
6 stages, 9 programs
1 to 99 min or continuous
Capacity:1 exchangeable block*
Dimensions (W x D x H):200 x 235 x 120 mm
Weight:7.3 kg
Electrical heating/cooling power:200 W
Power supply:
220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
3 years
6.263 482
6.263 482
*Exchangeable blocks are not included in delivery.

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Thermo shaker LLG-uni<I>THERMIX</I> 1 and 2 pro
Thermo shaker LLG-uniTHERMIX 1 and 2 pro