LLG Photometers PrimeLab 1.0

The first and only photometer using just one LED and one (JENCOLOR) sensor, simultaneously covering 400 wavelengths in one go. The JENCOLOR sensor allows self-calibration of the unit in seconds.
More than 100 test methods are available to be individually selected when device is purchased. User can choose to either use tablet, liquid or powder reagents. Users can create and export test reports per "account" via software and/or App, where it can also store individual water treatment chemicals to create dosage recommendations. Using the PrimeLab adapter for Turbidity (NTU), PTSA and Fluorescein, even those parameters can be tested by the PrimeLab whereas user normally needs to purchase a second device. A full range of available test information can be found at www.primelab.org.

PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest Photometer ALL-IN-KIT (all current and future parameters activated):
Contains the measurement methods of BASIC-SET 3-in-1 and same content as basic (over 100 parameters). All available parameters are activated on the device and will be automatically added and activated while performing an update through PC-software or App.
Please order reagents separately.
Optic:JENCOLOR Multispectral sensor, covering 380 ... 780 nm
Connection:Free PC software (windows) "PrimeLab Desktop Assistant" and free Android/iOS App
Calibration:Auto-calibration function
One-Time-Zero:Intelligent OTZ, based on chosen method
Time/date:Real Time Clock with date and auto-off
Display:LCD (monochrome)
Memory:On device: 20 accounts/100 test results
Environment:30 ... 90 % RH (non-condensing), ca. 5 ... 45 °C
Size (W x D x H):180 x 90 x 60 mm
Weight:160 g
Power supply:4 x AAA batteries/5.0 V DC-adapter with international adapter plugs
Warranty:3 years
LLG Photometers PrimeLab 1.0
LLG Photometers PrimeLab 1.0
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LLG Photometers PrimeLab 1.0
LLG Photometers PrimeLab 1.0