LLG-Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening, SureStop™

The short thread vials ND9 SureStop™ are the best available on the market in terms of seal tightness and reliability. The vials have an additional stopper ring at the end of the thread which clearly marks the end point in the screwing-in process. This ensures that the tightness of the seal is independent of the touch or feel of the user screwing the stopper in. This ensures the lowest possible number of standard deviations and high reproducibility of analysis results.
  • Stopper ring as protection against over-tightening
  • 1st hydrolytic class glass
  • In clear and amber glass
  • Wide opening requires matching micro-inserts
Capacityo.d. x HeightColourFormPKCat. No.
1.5011.6 x 32clearflat bottom1006.266 869
1.5011.6 x 32clear, labeling fieldflat bottom1006.260 742
1.5011.6 x 32amber, labeling fieldflat bottom1006.260 743

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LLG-Short Thread Vials ND9, wide opening, SureStop™