LLG-Surface protector DescProtect

DescProtect is a durable paper which quickly absorbs liquid spills. The PE-coated base layer stops liquids reaching the work surface.
  • stays flat, does not ripple or curl to de-stabilise vessels
  • white surface can be written on using pens or pencils
  • rapid absorption of liquid spills
  • excellent fluid protection
  • no contamination of work surfaces or laboratory cabinets
  • suitable for school laboratories, wet chemistry, industry

Surface protection paper with two layers:
  • Layer 1: Highly absorbent carrier paper, sucks up spilled toxic or radioactive liquids quickly
  • Layer 2: Wetness impermeable polyethylene layer, protection for lab workbenches, trays or chemical cabinets
  • Additional advantages: impermeable cover in animal cages, ideal in humidity chambers for atmospheric regulation
LLG-Surface protector DescProtect
LLG-Surface protector DescProtect
TypeSizePKCat. No.
Sheets460mm x 570mm509.160 270
Spool400mm x 50m19.160 271

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LLG-Surface protector DescProtect
LLG-Surface protector DescProtect