Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 2

Compact and cost-efficient magnetic stirrer without heating for volumes up to 1000 ml. Adjustable speed from 0 to 2000 rpm. Plate diameter 120 mm. Body made of ABS.

Support rod, aluminium (Cat. No. 6.263 435) available as an optional accessory.

Scope of supply: magnetic stirrer, mains adapter, 2 stirring rods 27 x 8mm and 34 x 8mm
Stirring quantity (H2O):1000 ml
Speed range:0 ... 2000 min-1
Permissible ambient temperature:0 ... 50 °C
Magnetic bar:
25 x 8 mm
Heating plate:120 x 120 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H):150 x 135 x 53mm
Weight:0.5 kg
Power supply:100 ... 230 V, 50/60 Hz
IP code:IP 21
Warranty:3 years
Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 2
Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 2
TypeStirring capacity lMax.
Plug typePKCat. No.
LLG-uniSTIRRER 212000EU16.263 430
LLG-uniSTIRRER 212000UK16.263 431
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Magnetic stirrer LLG-uni<I>STIRRER</I> 2
Magnetic stirrer LLG-uniSTIRRER 2