Dispenser tips, Ritips® evolution including LLG-uniDISPENS pro

Universal dispenser tips for a variety of steppers. The five tip sizes are equipped with colour-coded adapters for faster identification.
  • Easy, high-precision work even in the low µl range
  • Suitable for viscous, infectious and volatile liquids due to direct displacement method
  • Tips individually and mechanically tested for safe and repeatable application
  • A batch certificate is available on request
  • Lot number on each box

Suitable for Ripette®, Ripette® pro, Ripette® genX (Ritter), eLineTM Dispenser (Sartorius), Multipette® 4780, Multipette® plus (Eppendorf), Minilab 100, Minilab 101, Minilab 201, Distriman®(Gilson), StepMate, EasyStep, EasyStep electronic, RepeatOne®(Starlab), Handrop, HandyStep®, HandyStep® S, HandyStep® electronic (Brand).

Manual Serial Dispenser LLG-uniDISPENS pro
The ergonomically designed manual dispenser LLG-uniDISPENS pro enables single handed volume selection, loading and dispensing. Due to its light weight it is ideally suited for serial dosing. You can flexibly select your desired dosing volume from 120 dosing programs for 12 tip sizes and with 10 stroke adjustments. You can view all settings and volumes at a single glance through the viewing window of the manual dispenser. The dispenser is compatible with Ritips® from Ritter, PD-Tips® from Brand, Combitips® and Combitips advanced® from Eppendorf™. Thanks to a purely mechanical, maintenance-free construction, the manual dispenser is a practical and convenient device for daily laboratory use. 3 years warranty.

Scope of delivery: 500 Ritips® evolution, packed in 5 x 100 pieces, plus a multiple dispenser LLG-uniDISPENS pro
6.272 982
6.272 982
6.272 982
6.272 983
DescriptionPKCat. No.
Set of 5 x 100 ritips® evolution 0.5 ml + LLG-uniDISPENS14.672 040
Set of 5 x 100 ritips® evolution 1,0 ml + LLG-uniDISPENS14.672 080
Set of 5 x 100 ritips® evolution 2.5 ml + LLG-uniDISPENS14.672 081
Set of 5 x 100 ritips® evolution 5.0 ml+ LLG-uniDISPENS14.672 082
Set of 5 x 100 ritips® evolution 10.0 ml + LLG-uniDISPENS14.672 083

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Dispenser tips, Ritips<SUP>® </SUP>including LLG-uni<I>DISPENS</I>
Dispenser tips, Ritips® including LLG-uniDISPENS